Dr. John Light, MD

Dr. Light knew that he wanted to be a physician at age 9. Nonetheless, he decided to pursue a BBA in college. He graduated from the University of Michigan Ross Business School in 1985. After a successful 5-year career in real estate development and management he returned to medical school, graduating from the University of Louisville in 1996, and then completed his psychiatric residency training at the University of Cincinnati in the year 2000.

Dr. Light has lived the past 20 years in Louisville. He has broad experience in addiction medicine; in-and outpatient substance abuse treatment facilities; outpatient community mental health and has owned a private psychiatric practice near Frankfort. He treats patients of all ages and takes a special interest in ADHD; mood spectrum disorders; thought disorders; conflict resolution and behavioral modification in children with oppositional defiant disorder. While he focuses on medication management, Dr. Light understands and appreciates the collaborative value of therapy.

Dr. Light and his wife, Kelly have 2 adult sons. His non-work passions include University of Michigan athletics; Victorian-era home restoration; antique sales; landscaping and working on his Spartan II Motorcar. He and his younger son Morgan also own Lexington Sports and Social Club, a recreation league that provides different sport options to over 5000 competitive adult athletes in Lexington, Kentucky