A preceptor is an experienced practitioner who teaches and supervises students or less experienced practitioners. The primary role of the preceptor is to facilitate learning by assisting the student to meet personal and course objectives. This requires preceptors to be able to provide student feedback regarding questions and to correct errors when they occur.

We offer preceptors for Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners.

Students who complete their clinicals with us will gain valuable real-world experience in:

  • Diagnosing
  • Use of billing codes
  • Drug effects and side effects
  • Documentation and notation
  • Prescribing
  • Therapy

We are happy to extend a welcoming hand to the future Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners by providing quality preceptor partnerships. We put a lot of work and effort into producing high quality, practice ready providers- therefore we will not just accept anyone.

Those who wish to use our services must go through an interview process and only candidates that pass the interview process, and those who will be willing to settle in the community in which they precept will be accepted.

If you would like to be considered as both a candidate and as an employee, please fill out the form below.